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Camlock couplings square measure factory-made in Compliance With Mil-c-27487 (a-a-59326) Specification. Their Construction, additionally as Operation, is incredibly easy. The Coupling Is Connected simply by gap the mechanical device Arms and Inserting the Adapter Into the mechanical device. The Cam Arms square measure Then Closed beneath traditional Hand Pressure to finish Joint. the quality Coupling Is provided with a Nitrile/Silicon Rubber Seal that's Placed within the Groove of a mechanical device. The Couplings square measure created of: Al, Brass (Bronze), Aisi 316 stainless-steel, plastic strengthened With Bre Glass. Handles square measure manufactured from Aisi 304 stainless-steel as a customary for All Couplings manufactured from Brass, stainless-steel, plastic and for Al Couplings in Sizes 1/2", 3/4", 1", 5" and 6". The Couplings manufactured from atomic number {13|metallic element|metal} in Sizes starting from 1.1/4" to 4" Have Brass Handles as a customary.

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Polypropylene Couplings in Size 1/2" Have 3/4" Coupler and 3/4" Adapter, However, 1.1/4" Couplings Have 1" Coupler and 1" Adapter as a Standard (Couplings With 1.1/2" Coupler and Adapter Are Also Available). Crs and Ers Couplings in Size 1.1/2" Are Available as a Version for Hoses With Either 38 MM or 40 MM Inside Diameter.

With high quality and unbeatable prices, Nectar Incorporation has gained a good reputation in Camlock couplings among our worldwide customers. Our priority is to try our best to reach the goal of win-win with our customers.We will keep increasing our production efficiency, quality and offer more competitive prices.

We offer our clients with Cam-lock Couplings which provides rapid connection and disconnection between hose and pipelines in any fluid transfer system. The cam-lock couplings have major components, namely coupler and adapter. These couplers and adapters can be screwed or welded on to the ends of the hose/pipeline. Then, a connection is made by inserting the adapter into the coupler by pressing down (closing) the cam arms of the coupler. The cams engage into the groove in the adapter forcing the adapter against the gasket in the coupler to form a seal.

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Nectar Incorporation manufactures Camlock Coupling with wide range of fabric, finish association and sizes. Camlock coupling is meant for leak proof full flow of fluids. Camlock couplings offers positive leak proof association while not use of any tools.