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Stainless Steel Camlock Adapter Type-A

SS Camlock Adapter Type A

Stainless steel camlock coupling Type A - male adapter by female thread, can be inserted into Type B, C & Dust Cap couplers for quick sealing.

Stainless Steel Camlock Coupler Type-B

SS Camlock Coupler Type B

Stainless steel cam & groove coupling type B can fit into Type F, A, E & DP adapters. Ideal for applications of salt water, waste water, chemicals, hydraulic oils.

Stainless Steel Camlock Coupler Type-C

SS Camlock Coupler Type C

Type C stainless steel cam & groove coupler is typically used with Type E, A, F & DP adapters. Available from 1/2 to 6 inch.

Stainless Steel Camlock Coupler Type-D

SS Camlock Coupler Type D

Stainless steel camlock Type D - female coupler by female thread, is often used with Type A, E, F & DP adapters for transport of food liquids, salt water and oils.

Stainless Steel Camlock Adapter Type-E

SS Camlock Adapter Type E

Stainless steel camlock adapter Type E is normally used with Type B, C, D & DC couplers. Available for food or sanitary applications.

Stainless Steel Camlock Adapter Type-F

SS Camlock Adapter Type F

Stainless steel camlock adapter type F - male adapter by male thread. Used with Type B, C, D & DC couplers. Excellent corrosive resistance & high temperature.

Stainless Steel Camlock Coupler Type-DC

SS Camlock Coupler Type DC

Stainless steel camlock coupler Type DC, female end coupler, is often used with PVC suction hoses, food grade hoses for the delivery of salt water & chemicals.

Stainless Steel Camlock Adapter Type-DP

SS Camlock Adapter Type DP

Stainless steel cam & groove coupling male end adapter DP is typically used with Type B, C & D couplers for the hose end sealing.

Stainless Steel Camlock Coupling

Stainless Steel Camlock Coupling

Stainless steel camlock couplings are widely used in food or sanitary fields or highly corrosive applications to prevent contamination.

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Nectar Incorporation could be a Camlock fitting supplier and provider specializing within the production of Camlock couplings With top quality and unbeatable costs, Nectar Incorporation has gained an honest name in Camlock couplings among our customers. Our priority is to undertake our greatest to achieve the goal of win-win with our customers. we are going to keep increasing our production potency, quality and supply a lot of competitive costs.

Purchase your stainless steel camlock fittings fast and easy with Nectar Incorporation. High quality stainless steel cam and groove couplings are offered in 1/2"-6" sizes, with other sizes available upon request. These stainless steel camlock couplings are low in cost, highly durable and are delivered in a fast and efficient manner.

Stainless Steel Camlocks


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Nectar Incorporation manufactures Camlock Coupling with wide range of fabric, finish association and sizes. Camlock coupling is meant for leak proof full flow of fluids. Camlock couplings offers positive leak proof association while not use of any tools.